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Is This Woman Refusing To Move In An Airport Queue Until It's All The Way Forward On To Something?

This has been going viral the last few days and I say we should hear this lady out a little bit. Queue etiquette is something that you would think we'd have perfected as a society by now. There's nothing even remotely enjoyable about waiting in a line, and it's even worse when you're at the airport, but this woman, Column Commander we'll call her, seems to think she has perfected the strategy. On one hand, there really is no point to moving with the queue: she's right, it's the same if she moves now or later. You can argue the whole space thing, but part of me believes that isn't an issue in this photo because no one is that tone deaf. And who cares what societal expectations are? You will all wait behind her and you'll like it. But on the other, being so glued to your phone that you refuse to lug your luggage that is already on wheels is worthy of a stint at Guantanamo. I've never seen someone so unbothered by the fact that they're making a fool of themselves for every single person behind them who probably has to deal with their travel agent fucking over their once-in-a-lifetime family vacation like Will Compton. 

There's a great Curb Your Enthusiasm scene about this whole situation. We need the illusion of progress as humans:

The simple answer here is to just pass the lady and when she complains hit her back with the reverse uno checkmate card: "It's the same either way, we're all going to end up on the other side of security". Maybe she wouldn't care. Who knows if she'd even notice since she's glued to her phone. She loves how this bothers people. This is just a psychopath having her meal. Power play for narcissists. What social norms? The Goliath to this woman's David is the tailgater who thinks moving up a single foot is huge progress and will breathe down your neck until you do so. I need that matchup like I need air to breathe. The more I type the more I agree with this woman, so that's it for this one.