Travis Kelce Cannot Stop Fighting His Teammates At Training Camp

This is why Travis Kelce is going to have another monster year. Some people were calling him a pussy this off season and he's taken that to heart. He couldn't care less who is in front of him, he's fighting them, even bench players. 

Training camp is so fucked up for fans because your season is basically over if one of your players gets hurt. It also gives you so much false hope. You see so many sick plays on social media and then you convince yourself your team is so back. Then two games in you realize they were only good because your defense sucks.  Some Chiefs fans might see Kelce fighting his own guys and think they're doomed. We have no other choice than to watch these clips out of camp and make insane assumptions in our minds. 

Punching a guy with a helmet on is never a good move. I don't even understand what Kelce could have been mad about there besides just getting angry to get angry. I'm surprised Donna Kelce wasn't on the field trying to break it up. I feel like the internet will make a big deal out of this, but in reality if you're team is not fighting during camp then they suck.