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Shout Out To This Guy Who Made His Dreams Come True By Spending $20,000 To Turn Himself Into A Border Collie

A Japanese man who spent more than $20,000 to become a dog has finally taken his first walk and immediately made some canine friends.

Known only as Toco, the man spent two million Yen (A$22,000) on a hyperrealistic border collie costume to fulfil his lifelong dream of “becoming an animal”.

In recent updates shared with his almost 30,000 YouTube subscribers, Toco was seen playing in his backyard on all fours and performing tricks in exchange for treats.

But now he has ventured into public for the first time to reveal his new look.

In a pair of surreal videos posted to his YouTube channel ‘I want to be an animal’, Toco was seen being taken out for a walk on a leash, sniffing at other dogs in a park and rolling around on the floor.

$20,000 to turn yourself into a dog. I am sure people might say this guy is crazy. They might judge him. Hell, the article says he won't even use his real name because he doesn't want his friends and family to know about his new lifestyle. That's so fucking sad. It's his money and his life. How much would you spend to make your dreams come true? $20k is a pittance. And you know what...he did a GREAT fucking job. The attention to detail is spectacular. The eyes. The fur. The nails, which if I am being honest need a little trim but they look real. That's just a big ass border collie as far as I'm concerned. He nailed it. I would hire a person like this. A person who cares so much about perfection even if that pursuit of perfection means he's now a dog. 

And he's done it so well that he is going to live a dog's life. He already has 30k+ youtube subscribers. I bet that number skyrockets and he gets himself a barkbox or an Iams ad deal before you know it and he never works again a day in his life. That is the best part of being a dog. My dog has never worked a day in his god damn life. I mean look at this bum as I'm sitting here blogging right now

Paying a bill has never even occurred to him. Only wants to walk if he gets treats. Guy is a fucking bum and I am completely jealous of him. Now this guy Toco the Border Collie will undoubtedly live a life as easy as George. Find something you love and you never work a day in your life. Toco loves being a dog. Who wouldn't?