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Add This Incredible Manny Machado Play To His Never-Ending Highlight Reel

Manny has compiled a bevy of incredible defensive plays throughout the course of his career, and this one is high up on that list. He's moved over so he's basically where the shortstop should be and he lays out with a full extension to snag this hard hit ball. Stopping the ball itself was an amazing play, but he wasn't done there. He can't waste anytime to get up and make the throw so he just rolls over onto his butt and unleashes a seed to beat the runner. You kidding me? One hopper right to first to beat the throw. From his ass. How do you have enough strength to get that throw there and beat the runner? 

It's a fantastic play by Machado but it's become par for the course for him. He's just so damn good with the glove. Nolan Arenado gets a lot of love, and rightfully so, but Manny can still throw that glove around and make plays with the best of them. Most players couldn't knock that down, let alone make the throw from their butt. Manny did it with 0 problem. He's been heating up at the plate too and the Padres are only 4 games under .500. He is kind of the straw that stirs their drink so they start heating up that means he is playing well, and as you can see he's feeling it. Now sit back and watch this play over and over and over like I am.