Sony Blinks First And Delays A Ton Of Their Upcoming Movies Due To The Strikes

The delays come as dual union strikes disrupt the day-to-day business of Hollywood, and the SAG-AFTRA conflict makes it particularly difficult to open major fall movies without the participation of star talent. Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s anticipated Marvel outing “Kraven” is shifting to August 30, 2024, from a planned October 6 outing this year. The push to next Labor Day is vital, studio insiders said, as leading man Taylor-Johnson would need to engage in a worldwide press tour to open the visceral action project in just over two months.

Here is the TLDR: 

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-verse Pt. 2 | Originally March 2024 -> Taken off the schedule 

Kraven the Hunter | Originally October 2023 -> August 2024 

Unnamed Ghostbusters Afterlife sequel | Originally December 2023 -> March 2024

Karate Kid Reboot | Originally June 2024 -> December 2024

They Listen | Originally August 2024 -> Taken off the schedule 

In "Positive" news they also announced that Madame Web is coming out a bit earlier (Feb 2024) and Venom 3 will come out July 2024. Bad Boys 4 will also be coming out in June 2024. 

Like most of you, I'm not losing sleep about any of those except Spider-verse. In fact, if they wanted to delay Venom 3 into bolivion, I'd be cool with that. The more important thing is that this is the first of many delays to come due to the fat cat studios refusing to pay writers and actors. Since their strikes have started, we've seen them cut down the trees near picket lines, tell news outlets that the end goal is for strikers to lose their homes and even had usually savvy execs like Bob Iger essentially throw gasoline on the fire. 


And remember, don't fall for any of the bootlicker or studio bot spam accounts that try to make you think this strike is built to benefit A-list actors because it aint. It's not for the Matt Damons, Dwayne Johnsons etc. It's for the 160,000 who have a median salary of $46,960 in 2021, with the lower quartile averaging $30,040, while studios make over $12 billion a year. Not to mention the sheer volume of actors and writers getting fucked out of the massive residuals they should be earning from streaming....

Anyway, just wanted to note that this is the first domino to fall. Look forward to movies like 'Dune II' and other highly anticipated ones getting delayed. It's COVID all over again.