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Sean Payton Took The Incredibly Lame Route And Attempted To Walk Back His Quotes About Nathaniel Hackett Being A Terrible Coach

Oh come on, this is lame for so many different reasons. You can't talk all this shit and then one day later half walk it back. You also can't say 'oh I had my FOX hat on.' No, you said what you said because it's true. Unprofessional? Sure. Whatever, I don't care about professional vs not. But calling Nathaniel Hackett a shit coach is 100% accurate. Going in on the Broncos last year and how much of a disaster it was? One of the most accurate things said in football this offseason. 

I will say this. Sean Payton did an excellent job hyping up a week 5 Broncos/Jets game. I wouldn't care about that normally, but now? Now I want to see what happens. Both teams will 100% run the score up on the other if they can. Even if Aaron Rodgers isn't the same player as a couple years ago, he's the exact type of player to run with these comments all week during that and use it as a vendetta. 

We need to add some sort of rule to society. If you run your mouth, you can't backtrack. You can't get upset that people are talking about it and piling on after you started it for seemingly no reason at all. Well, I guess the reason is to make himself look better, but still. You don't get the right to backtrack. In fact, Sean Payton should have to double down and keep insulting the Jets and Nathaniel Hackett whenever asked about him.