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Breaking Down The Angels' Unbelievable Decision To Keep Shohei Ohtani in Los Angeles

There's a lot to say about the Los Angeles Angels right now that me and Klemmer get into today. The overall reaction is that we can't believe the Angels are Buyers at this trade deadline as it violates all basic tenets of long-term MLB success. 

Even so, we do our absolute best trying to rationalize the decision to keep Ohtani. Maybe they can keep adding? Maybe the downside of trading him was so bad? Maybe there's something about Trout's hand we don't know? That their World Series odds aren't actually as bad as the computers suggest?  

And then there's the Giolito trade. Classic double whammy. The Angels had a bottom-5 farm system and that was before they surrendered their 2 top names for 2-months of 2 White Sox pitchers. On principle of buying alone, it's not smart for the Angels because they absolutely should be selling. 

BUT - if they are gonna get crazy, go full fucking crazy. That's the upside of the trade. You're not just keeping Shohei to ignore the long-term health of the franchise. You're willing to compromise that long-term health even more on an extremely narrow chance of keeping him. 


The more you talk about it, the more complicated it gets. 

My simplest takeaway is this: the Angels are now the most interesting team in baseball, bar none. The next couple weeks are going to be awesome and I think most of us are actively cheering for this to work out. 

No matter how unlikely that is. 

Watch above or follow here for the full conversation with Klemmer here


Otherwise here's some more thoughts on the Angels last 48 hours of decisions: 

I believe, deeply, that it's objectively stupid to keep Ohtani considering the following major factors: (1) his trade value, (2) the Angels WS chances, (3) the likelihood Shohei resigns this Free Agency, (4) the compensation afforded if he signs with another team, (5) the inevitable bidding war with the biggest markets and (6) the Angels farm system and competitive outlook in MLB's 2nd best division. 

1. His trade value is gigantic and you'd have a chance at one of the biggest returns in history

2. The Angels are 3 games out from the last Wild Card spot, have never won a postseason game with Ohtani + Trout and are considered longshots to make the playoffs much less advance 

3. Shohei will be a Free Agent at the end of the year and the Angels do not have any significant advantage retaining him 

4. The Angels only get 1 draft pick if he does not resign

5. The Dodgers and Yankees have unlimited money to sign Shohei and will drive his price well over the expected $500M mark 

6. The Angels farm system is downright atrocious with no signs of pointing up any time soon while the Rangers, Astros and Mariners all present better long-term potential. 

Thus and I really mean THUS

The only logical conclusion is that the Angels are betting on a historic run this year, which is pretty stupid but also kinda awesome for starved Angels fans. Too bad you don't have better people running the organization.