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The Packers Released LB Jonathan Garvin Just Hours After Wishing Him Happy Birthday On Their Social Media Pages

Some truly diabolical work here from the Packers front office today. Happy birthday Jonathan, but we're going to need you to pack your shit up by the end of the day. You can't really blame the social media employee that makes less than Lil Sas who is just doing their job, but sheesh. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse than Andy Dalton getting benched on his birthday. Craig in Friday got fired on his day off, Jonathan Garvin got fired on his birthday. Can't win. You know what they say though, it ain't show friend, it's show business. Maybe they were waiting until he was old and mature enough to be cut and this was the plan all along! 

Complex did just rank the Packers' social media team dead last in the NFL so at least there's some trophy to take home for the time being. Maybe Aaron Rodgers was right about the organization all along. Good thing he's in greener pastures.