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Minnesota United Goalie Telling Shaqiri He 'Doesn't Have The Balls To Score' On Him Before A PK Is A Bold Strategy (HINT: It Went Terribly)

Might as well start by inserting the clip we all know: 


I'm all for shit talking. I know what the goalie is trying to do here. We see it all the time when it comes to penalty kicks, you gotta win the mind games. But if you're telling a guy he doesn't have the balls to score, you can't guess the wrong way on the kick. You can't miss THAT badly as a goalie. You gotta make a stop, or you deserve the right to be made fun of. I mean the dude wasn't even close. Fair game by Shaqiri to run his mouth for a long time after the goal too.

Consider this a lesson for goalies everywhere. You're going to lose the PK fight the majority of times. It's fairly easy to convert a PK as long as you don't send a ball flying over the crossbar. Try to do the mental warfare like Emi Martinez

What this really shows though? We need the 90s MLS shootouts back: 

Give the goalie a chance to run out and make a play. Plus, at least there's dribbling. Way more reasonable than the traditional penalty kick. But the lesson as always - if you talk shit, you better make a play.