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Jersey Jerry Is An Official Caddy Today On The Korn Ferry Tour

This is actually insane because players take their caddies so seriously and this is why I love it. This makes golf fun and Jerry is a guy who will want to make this work. He will somehow turn this into him being his full time caddie while he still works at Barstool and Cummins will win the Masters somehow. Listen I get Tiger Woods isn't going to want Jersey Jerry on his bag even though that would be amazing, but any little thing like this that you can change in golf will make it better for the viewer. 


Watch today on Barstool.Tv where the guys will be commentating and showing Jerry mic'd up on the course. The thing I don't think Jerry is ready for is that he is going to be sweating like a bastard with that bag. These pro golfers have more clubs in their bags than anyone else and there is also a heat warning today. I am not rooting for it but Jerry fainting today is definitely in play. Make sure you tune in.