The Oakland Athletics RAISED Ticket Prices For A Game Where The Fans Will Be Holding Another Protest

Look at the A's cashing in! It's about time! Just an absolute savage move by an owner and front office who blatantly don't give a shit about their fanbase. It doesn't matter if they did this to make money or keep people away from the protest that didn't want to spend $44 to yell about their team leaving. The A's had to hammer their fans over money one last time. Hell, if they're going to raise prices like this they midas whale start selling t-shirts and towels that say "SELL" on them. Really cash in and take advantage of the fanbase. 

Not only that, but it looks like you can't even get tickets in the cheap seats.


The pettiness! This team does not play games. This is like a move out of Major League or something. They are going to milk these protesting fans for every penny before they take their team and leave town.

I guess there is a chance they hiked up the price because the game is against the Giants and a lot of Bay Area fans will be there. But it feels like too much of a coincidence if you ask me. I think this was a pre-planned move by Oakland to suck their fans dry before they leave to Vegas. What a cold world.