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Darius Rucker Told Us He Golfs Every Single Day And Will Never Get Bored Of It

(wtf is up with Elon flagging every single interview we post as "sensitive content"??? Clean it the fuck up musk man)

So not to brag or anything but little old Barstool Backstage had our very own trailer in media row at the amazing Windy City Smokeout a couple of weeks ago here in Chicago.

I'm on the record as calling it "the best weekend of the summer in Chicago". And Chicago being the best city to be in the summer basically means it is the greatest weekend on Earth in the summer. Facts are facts and math doesn't lie. (I saw Oppenheimer this week and that's what I learned.)

Somehow, someway, the stars aligned and Glenny Balls was in town on Friday of Smokeout for a friends bachelor party. 

Knowing his devotion to Hootie & The Blowfish, and Darius Rucker, and his past interactions with Darius, I asked if he'd like to sit down with me to interview him.


He kindly obliged and although you can't tell from the video because we weren't rolling, Darius walked into the trailer, saw Glenny was there and burst out laughing asking him what the hell he was doing there. 

Glenny flipped it on him telling him he had a bachelor party planned for the past year, well before it was announced Darius was going to be headlining, and that he was following him (aka stalking) around.

Good times ensued. 

Our conversation, brought to you by the great folks at Owen's Craft Mixers,  though brief because Darius literally had to run from our trailer to get on stage to perform, was full of laughs and lots of talk about life.

Darius rolled into the Smokeout artist parking lot on his tour bus earlier that morning and headed straight out to his Illinois country club he belongs to to golf. Something he told us he does every single day, no matter where he is. Unless it's horrible weather where he's at, the man golfs every single day. 

This fact blew my mind.

I'm sure I'm in the minority here, and a lame for thinking or questioning this, but at the chance of sounding like a moron, wouldn't you get bored of doing it eventually?

Darius laughed in my face and said no. 

He said now that his party days are over (aka he doesn't do drugs) golf is his drug and the way he gets his fix.

Pretty awesome that he gets the opportunity do what he loves in the most beautiful parts of the country on a daily basis via being a massively successful megastar musician. 


Check out what else we talked about by listening to the full interview. 

(I asked him about this infamous episode of one of my favorite tv shows ever, "Live at Daryl's House" 

I'm not sure if Daryl was bombed or what, but it was awkward as fuck watching Darius (admittedly) fan girl over Daryl, for obvious reasons- he's the fucking man, and Daryl to just be like, "ok let's play my next hit, this is "I Can't Go For That".

But one of the things I was really bummed out about not getting to ask, (again, our interview got cut short because the stage hands were rushing him to the stage to perform,) was about the music festival he helped spearhead and throw this year, "HootieFest".

I mean look at this fucking lineup

I'm so pissed I wasn't able to go this past April. But you can bet your ass that Glenny and I will be there (hopefully shooting Backstage) next year.

p.s. - not to brag or anything but he also disclosed to us, for the first time publicly, that he's putting the finishing touches on an autobiography that he has coming out. Barstool Backstage breaking news and shit.