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UPDATE: Bronny Has Been Discharged From The Hospital, Three Days After Suffering Cardiac Arrest During A Work Out At USC

Good news here in the update with Bronny being released from the hospital and everything seemingly to be okay for now. Not much to add, but worth mentioning the positive update. Credit to whoever was at USC who was able to handle the situation correctly, again something they had to deal with last year. It was just about a year ago when then-freshman Vincent Iwuchukwu had the same thing happened. He actually made it back onto the court in January and played in 14 games last year. 

Again, just reading the release there from Shams it seems like best case scenario for Bronny. He arrived conscious, neurologically intact and stable. LeBron seemed to echo the positive update with this tweet: 

There's obviously still a decent road to full recovery, but for what was a terrifying sounding situation it's been as positive as an update as you could ask for. I have no idea if he'll get on the court this year or not, but the key is he's home after just three days and stable.