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The Philly Airport Now Has Raccoons To Help Assist Travelers At The Baggage Claim Carousels

The thing about Philly is that we are innovators. Sometimes that may come off as being disrupters, but at the end of the day Philly just gets shit done, and the world is always better off because of it. 

Think about the worst part about traveling. It's typically going to be baggage claim. You finally arrive to your destination and all of a sudden, you realize you still have another 45 minutes before you can leave the airport. In the back of your mind you're always thinking that your bag didn't make the trip. Or that someone is about to take your bag once it pops out onto the belt. You've been traveling all day and now you are riddled with stress and anxiety over your luggage. 

That's where the Philadelphia International Airport decided to step in and make a change. Gone are the days when you need race down to herd around the baggage carousel like a bunch of peasants. You can hit up the bar, grab yourself a bite to eat and something cold to drink, relax for a little while and then the raccoon has all your luggage waiting for you when you get down there. Leave it to Philly to change the travel game for everybody. 


Sidenote: One thing that I love but also hate about Philly is that we get aggressively attached to shit like this. It wouldn't shock me to see the Phillies have the Airport Raccoon "throw" the ceremonial first pitch for their next home game. Or have this raccoon ring the bell before a Sixers game at some point this season. Baggage Claim Raccoon might even get his own statue by the end of all this.