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Mike Francesa Doesn't Miss Radio That Much, Except Covering 'When Somebody Dies'

Mike Francesa seems to be enjoying retirement, but obviously anybody who was on the radio every day for decades will always yearn for those big days you live for as an on-air talent. You know the ones: when somebody dies.

Those are the days you dream about when you're first breaking into the business. Nothing like throwing four hours of show prep out the window and taking calls on a newly deceased individual. That's the good stuff.

In fairness to Mike, there is no better rush than breaking huge news to a group of people. Preferably good news, but big news is rarely good. Imagine being that BBC anchor who was one of the first people in the world who knew that Queen Elizabeth had died and being the one to break it live. That's a level of power 99 percent of people on Earth will never feel.

You know what, I think I've talked myself into being on Mike's side. I hope he gets one more day on the air after a big death. We should all be so lucky to feel that rush.