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Here's Our First Look At The Von Erichs Movie, Which Could Be The Saddest Movie Of All Time


Here's our first look at Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, Harris Dickinson, and someone else that nobody seems to mention in A24's 'THE IRON CLAW' - a movie about the famous 'Von Erich' family of wrestlers. 

It hits theaters on Christmas, but that is NOT an indication of this being a sweet family movie. In fact, 'THE IRON CLAW' is probably going to get dark as hell. 

If you aren't aware, the story of the Von Erichs is a tragedy. Five of the six Von Erich brothers died before their father, Fritz Von Erich (whose original gimmick was just a Nazi), and three of the brothers sadly committed suicide. Another brother died of apparent acute enteritis in Japan when he was 25, but many also claim/believe this was a drug overdose. This has caused for the "Von Erich curse" to become a common phrase used in the wrestling industry, and I doubt this movie (produced by A24) is going to shy away from the dark times.

^Here's a pretty good video explaining everything^

That being said, I think Efron and Carmie from The Bear look great in their roles, and I can't wait for this to reach theaters. 

When I texted Brandon Walker for his thoughts, he said: "I wanna see that movie immediately" so I feel like all hardcore wrestling fans are on the same page with this one. Non-wrestling fans are gonna be hit with a tidal wave of emotion if they go into this not knowing what to expect, tho; I think this could be sadder than The Whale and darker than Taxi Driver. We'll just have to wait and see.

P.S. MJF will also in this movie as Lance Von Erich....