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Alix Earle Shared Fake News That I'm A Rookie At D'Jais...A Rookie...At D'Jais!

Listen I've been called a lot of things on the internet. Some hurt more than others, and some you just let go, but I gotta draw the line when Tik Tok's "it" girl spreads some fake news.

Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard the saga of Alix Earle and the son of Donna Karen at the Surf Lodge in Montauk. if you haven't ... let me introduce you to Jack Mac who broke it down real well. 

Everyone caught up? Ok good. I took the route of a cheap joke on Twitter and gave some props to my favorite bar down the shore, D'Jais and said how happy I was that they require two forms of ID.

Some knucklehead then shares it on Instagram and calls me a rookie … 

where it then gets shared by Alix Earle the biggest Tik Tok star in the world… 

So now on a Thursday night when I can be watching Suits reruns I got the world's biggest Tik Tok star sharing rumors that I am a rookie at a bar I built a reputation at for 10+ years? All because some knucklehead shot his mouth off. I said it once, I'll say it again you let these people start a rumor you are a rookie at D'Jais the next thing they'll say you don't pay your taxes. Can't have it. Let me school this little dummy. 

A rookie… 

It's insane how these kids think just because they showed up at a bar for a few months, they can disrespect the ones who laid the groundwork before them. What a joke…a rookie…does this look like a rookie to you ? 

I'm literally the first Gif on the search. I'm sorry while you were studying algebra I was out pumping Levels pal. Just because I hung up my best v-necks doesn't mean I wasn't in the hall of fame. Just because my days of slamming grails are long gone doesn't mean I didn't do it with the best of them. 

A rookie … 

please …. 

Show me a rookie who is allowed to use the microphone (where I happily promoted the Barstool Sportsbook at my retirement ceremony two summers ago ). Thought so. Listen I don't want to be the old guy reliving his glory days but I can't be having some dope take a shot and then have stars re-sharing the rumors. A man's gotta have a code. 

Rookie…come on.

Again, Alix Earle is completely innocent in this and I actually think it's hilarious she took the joke so well, which it seems like is what makes her so popular. Her ability to be so open with things. 

But I'm gonna needs some sort of retraction here. 10+ summers of partying down the shore just got erased in one post. C'mon Alix…help a guy out here, you may have popularity and riches, for some of us all we got is the reputation of being a West Bar solider. Tell the people the real story.