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Ryan Day Saying The Big Ten Should Consider Moving "The Game" Away From The Last Week Of The Season Is Such A Loser Mentality

Can someone get Mike Vrabel on the line? The more this guy talks, the more likely it is that Ohio State is looking for a new head coach on November 25th at approximately 4:00 PM if we lose to these chumps for the 3rd time in a row. He wants them to considering moving The Game away from the last week of the season? Unless it's a one year decision to move it to the first four weeks of this season so that cheating, lying scumbag Jim Harbaugh has to sit it out, then my answer is a big fat NO. 

Ryan Day's point is that it might not be good to play in back-to-back weeks if we both make the Big 10 Championship regardless. First of all, that would be fucking AWESOME. And it would be awesome for both the winner and the loser. For the winner, could you imagine beating the rival twice in two weeks? My goodness the hairs are standing up on my arms just thinking about it. And for the loser, you get an opportunity to get instant revenge and head off to the playoff. The week between The Game 1 and The Game 2 would perhaps be the most epic week in the history of planet Earth. And Ryan Day wants the Big Ten to consider avoiding that?

“Could it minimize The Game? That’s my concern,” Day said.

No, it would literally maximize it. And what happens when Michigan and Ohio State aren't in the championship game regardless?   Yes, I love it when we're both 11-0, but it's still the biggest day of my year even if we're 8-3 and they're 0-11. So what happens then? Can we flex it back to Week 12? Or do we have to play it in Week 5 and move on like it was the Rutgers game?

What a horrible idea. And saying dumb shit like this allows Michigan fans to tee off on us like this:

Dave's right! Loser mentality. WIN the game.