Canucks Defenseman Quinn Hughes Not Understanding The Concept Of An Exploding Golf Ball Is As Pure As It Gets

There's a reason why golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs. They're friendly, they're lovable, but they might not exactly have all the wheels turning at the same time in the ol' noggin. 

Vancouver Canucks defenseman Quinn Hughes is a golden retriever. 

Just a good ol' boy about to enter his 5th full season in the NHL. He's a top 10 defenseman in the National Hockey League, but after this he might think he's a top 10 driver of the golf ball on the planet. I mean how many other guys have you ever seen just smash the ball into smithereens before? Tiger Woods is a pretty decent golfer. Guy has won a shit ton of majors, but he's never done that before. Bryson DeChambeau? The artist formerly known as the big golfer? He might be able to launch a ball 350 yards down the middle of the opposite fairway, but he's never shattered one before. 


But here comes smooth swingin' Quinn Hughes just bashing a ball into dust. And how rude is Yands for not even attempting to unveil the prank? I wouldn't be shocked if Keith Yandle ended up never actually telling Quinn Hughes it was a prank ball. Probably let the poor kid go home and tell his friends and family about that drive for weeks thinking it was real. What a bully. Hilarious prank, though. No matter how many times you've seen it before, the exploding golf ball is always good for some laughs. 

P.S. -- I doubt we'll see any exploding golf balls, but we'll definitely see some weapons put a pounding on the golf ball this weekend at the NV5 Invitational.