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Today In Airline Assholery: Some Mad Lad Started Singing Over The Intercom On A Flight From Dublin While The Flight Attendants Just Sat And Watched

I admit that I didn't know a damn thing about Ryanair until I saw this video, where I later learned they are a low-cost Irish airline. But low cost or not, what the fuck are we doing here? When you fly a budget airline in America, you know that you are simply going to have a terrible flight experience that may or may not have a fight break out beside you. But I'd take a full blown Royal Rumble happening over an airline allowing a guy to hijack the intercom for a singing performance that was 2/5 Balls AT BEST. 

I don't care that some people joined in and clapped at the end considering the back of those God awful yellow seats say the bar is open, I imagine everyone on this Irish flight are three sheets to the wind (I can say that since I am half Irish with a Murphy for a mom). My pal Pete here shouldn't only be entitled to the full refund he asked for but he should have been allowed to fly the plane into the nearest mountain if he saw fit since that singing not only took the piss but also took the shit, the spit, the snot, and every other bad substance produced by the human body. I'm not sure why people think you can stop practicing common courtesy when you are jammed dick-to-ass on an airplane 30,000 feet above the ground, but it should be when your common courtesy goes to another level.