It seems my video with Big Cat yesterday ruffled some feathers and rightfully so- if I were you I'd hate me too. 67% on NFL bets is something people dream about. The only difference is, your dreams are my reality. I don't wan't to come off as the cocky asshole but when you bet 67% how am I not supposed to be confident?? I'll be very transparent with all of you. I am one of the greatest NFL bettors on the planet, but I am also one of the WORST College Football bettors in the entire world. If it wasn't digging myself out of a hole every Sunday I'd be living in Turks getting my dick sucked before I brushed my teeth. 

NFL Sunday is my bread and butter, always has been, always will be. I bet at MOST 4 straight bets, and one 3-Team 10 Point Teaser. If you're betting anything more than 5 games on Sunday, yes, you are probably having a great time, but you're just digging your own grave. Just like Dana White says, when you win, get up, and leave. Don't go 3/4 on the day and start firing away on live lines or primetime. You already did your job, win and get paid. That's the name of the game.

For those of you questioning the legitimacy of my 67% here's an excel sheet from my gambling show last year. Best part is I didn't create or input anything on the spreadsheet it was all my co-host Bobby (Feel free to ask him on twitter @backninebobby). Aside from the podcast, all plays were posted on Twitter every Sunday morning.


Now, for those of you crying about my "I'm the best bettor in the entire company" comments, cry me a river. 



When you walk into a new job, do you not want to be the top producer in the company? When you play a sport, do you not have the ambition to be the best player on your team? If you don't, good for you, we're just not cut from the same cloth. Why would I say someone is better than me? Even if they are (they're not), why would I ever say that? Ask Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, or any athlete ever, and let me know what they say when you ask them "iS tHaT gUy bETteR tHaN yOu?". If I went up to Big Cat and said "I'm the biggest loser at Barstool I can't pick a winner to save my life" no one would bat an eye. If anything they'd probably eat it up. It's easy to laugh at the clown, but it takes balls to get in the cage with the lion. 

Oh and Karim, I respect the hit piece, I hope you're enjoying New York.