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Mbappe Officially Rejects The $775 Million Deal From Saudi Arabia, PSG Claims He Did It Because He Already Signed A Deal With Real Madrid

And there it is. It's not incredibly shocking as this was the update earlier this week: 


Not exactly shocking. He wants to play for Real Madrid. I think it's crazy to pass up one year of that much money and still go to Real Madrid, but whatever. At least we have guys in their prime telling Saudi Arabia to fuck off. That's a win in my book. I don't want that league to succeed. Let Ronaldo and other past their prime guys stay there and fizzle out. Basically what people think what the MLS was/is. Let it be that just with a ton of fucking money. 

Now comes the difficult part. PSG believes he already agreed to terms with Real Madrid. Again, not shocking. This isn't exactly a secret rumor here. So what's his asking price in the transfer market? They don't want to lose him for free. He said he'll play (sit on the bench) this year. 

I honestly thought there'd be a slight chance he took the deal, especially with Al-Hilal/Saudis flying to Paris. But credit to him for saying no to that and now forcing his way to Real Madrid, the true professional style. Poor, poor PSG. First goes Messi, now Mbappe, soon Neymar (right?). Basically turned out like the Wizards thinking they had a Big 3.