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This Double Triangle Proves The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

What an awesome clip. It isn't every day a submission can provoke the same reaction as a knockout outta me, but this one did just that. 

The girl in black seemingly rolled into the worst position imaginable, on her back, fully sinking into that triangle with her arm caught - and then just calmly breaks it and comes up with a triangle of her own before anyone realizes whats happening! 

Then the stare she gives the girl she tapped afterwards?!

"You woulda thought!!!"

Tremendous. That's one bad ass motherfucker right there. I've never seen that sub before. 

Hopefully exchanges like this remind everyone how exciting grappling/jiu jitsu could be; nothing pisses me off more than a crowd booing the second a fight goes to the ground. 

P.S. Here's some other submissions that get a KO-level reaction outta me….