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Naked Woman Exits Vehicle On San Francisco Bridge And Starts Firing Off Her Gun Willy Nilly


A motorist got out of her car naked and started fired a gun into the air Tuesday at a major Bay Area span, the California Highway Patrol said.

According to the CHP, there was a report of a reckless driver on eastbound Interstate 80 around at 4:40 p.m. The caller told 911 dispatchers the driver appeared to have a gun.

The CHP said the driver stopped on the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, known locally as the Bay Bridge and part of I-80, got out of her car while wielding a knife and yelled at other drivers. She got back into the car but soon stopped near the toll plaza.

This time, she allegedly exited the car naked and carrying a gun and began firing shots into the air and at other vehicles, according to the CHP.

Honestly, I'm surprised this even got reported on. To me, this seems like the kinda incident that happens every couple of hours in ole San Francisco. People there are absolute wild cards. It doesn't matter if someone is firing off a weapon on a bridge or takin a big ole dump on the side of the street or walking around the city looking like zombies, nothing should catch you off guard anywhere near the Golden Gate Bridge. As the old motto goes, expect the unexpected. 

My biggest question for this woman is why did she get undressed. She was fully clothed the first time she got outta the vehicle. She was ready to go with a blouse and her bullets but then something changed. What could it be? Nerves? Did the passion of the crime start making her feel hot? Would she have shaved her head if she was given the chance? 

Maybe she did it to distract people? I think that would work on me. I think if someone was brandishing a weapon on a bridge and firing off rounds I would notice. I know for a fact I would notice much less if there was a couple of fleshy bags hanging down with a nice crisp nipple to boot. That just might be me. I'm distracted by tits. Always have been and likely always will be. Maybe that's the reason I got shot. Something to think about for sure.