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Viral Video Showing The World's First Foldable TV Is Yet Another Example Of Technology Going Too Far

This is going viral today and all I have to ask is why? Why do we ruin things that don't need to be fixed? I stayed silent through it all until we got to the *checks notes* World's First 65" 8K InkJet Printing Foldable OLED Display. Did I read that correctly? Inkjet PRINTING television? What the fuck man. Who needs this? A boneless television? Come to think about it, there has been a couple times I've been watching tv and thought "what if I could make this thing fold?"

Modern TVs are paper thin, hanging on a wall out of the way. What if you're Rico Bosco and focusing on the 6 TV at-home setup and now you have to fold each into this bulky ass box? Imagine rushing home trying to catch the last 45 seconds of a game and you gotta wait for this piece of shit to open? I've sat here for thirty minutes trying to think of a good reason you'd want this and the only thing I could think of is those old splitscreen Call of Duty matches with your friends back in the day. Besides that, this is the dumbest invention ever and I'm tired of technology. That's all for this one.