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'It's A Lifestyle Change. It's Not For Everybody' - Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith, Dropping Valuable Life Advice Explaining His New Mustache

This is some A+ life advice from Arthur Smith. I was listening to PMT and Mark Titus talk about high school coaches and how they try to teach you advice for the football field and the football field of life. This is one of those. Mustaches are a dangerous, dangerous game. It's not for everybody. For some it looks impeccable: 

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For others it's a disgusting look. Not everyone can be a mustache guy. Facial hair is a tricky, tricky game. For some of us (see: slightly overweight) you need the facial hair to hide the fat face look. The moment you shave it .. woof. 

The biggest thing is committing to the look. If you're going to be a mustache guy, you gotta go all the way with it. Can't have it be spotty or anything like that. You need a solid bush of hair above your lip so people know you're a mustache guy. Shit, if you're a beard guy you gotta commit to growing that bad boy out: 

It's true too that it's a lifestyle change. Every guy has gone through a facial hair phase. People start commenting on it, good or bad. It's just a matter of knowing your limits. You gotta know if you're a beard guy, a mustache guy, a goatee guy or no facial hair guy. I feel bad for those fuckers. 

No word on if mustaches help win games, but I'm starting to feel better that Arthur Smith won't be kicking field goals. That's mustache life.