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Uhh, Ya Think: Charles Barkley Claims The Warriors Traded Jordan Poole Because 'They Really Hated Him'

I love Charles Barkley, who doesn't? But him breaking down the Warriors hating Jordan Poole is laugh out loud funny. What was the giveaway? 


Of course the Warriors hated Jordan Poole. Pretty sure Draymond throwing a brutal haymaker at him was the sign that it wasn't going to work out long term. That is something I find fascinating with a team like the Warriors. Obviously a shit ton of success, most of which come from homegrown players. The core three were all drafted by the Warriors. Yeah they had KD and some other guys come in to fill out roles from other teams, but the core that's been there the entire run were all homegrown. Now you have this younger guy start to shine a little bit, how do they adapt? 

Also didn't help Poole had a horrendous contract, something they gave him days after getting punched in the face. They had to make a change. The Warriors are clearly trying to still get another ring or two with this group before they likely blow it all up and start over. I still don't know how Chris Paul fits with the Warriors. That doesn't make a whole ton of sense to me and I say this as a Chris Paul fan. He doesn't want to play fast, he also needs the ball in his hands. I'd rather have the ball in, you know, the better player's hands like Steph. 

Chuck is the best in the business man. He'll tell you exactly what he thinks and that's what we need more of from guys like him.