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MLB Trade Deadline Preview pt 1 with Oppenhneimer Enthusiast Chris Castellani

Castellani and I went touched on all 30 clubs today in 4 different groupings. He's still riding high off Oppenheimer. It's awesome. 

Here's the groupings:

1. Absolutely must sell

2. Probably should sell but we could see them doing something stupid

3. The guaranteed buyers with WS aspirations

4. Teams above .500 with impossible decisions

I accidentally left out the Marlins because they're the Marlins. They're in group #4. How bad do they really want that Wild Card and how much are they wiling to sacrifice for the chance at a 3 game series in CinciWaukee? 

This is MLB Trade Deadline 101 stuff. We're starting with club needs and overall deadline strategy. That sounds more complicated. It's really just about expectations based on a new playoff format and the overall shift to young/controllable players. 

Huge week for baseball. This should give 

Some other notes: 

- The Reds and Orioles fanbases are entitled to riot (or free admission) if either club fails to improve at the trade deadline. Those are the two clubs that deserve and need and can support it the easiest. Everything lines up perfectly. Don't make me live in a world where either of these clubs disappoint us. 


- The Giants, Guardians, Diamondbacks are in a class of their own in that I have absolutely no clue what the hell is going on or what they have cooking. The spectrum is equally and repeatedly scatterplotted with possibilities. 

- The Cardinals declared they were selling. I didn't mention that because I didn't know it at time of recording because there's 30 teams in this league. I hate that one the most. Didn't see it and guess what. I don't believe a word they say. It's all motivation tactics down there. 

- Good luck to Mariners fans. You should sell an arm for an infielder. You won't. Shohei is the only thing on your ownership groups mind. Those dudes haven't rocked a boat since they bought out Nintendo and I very much doubt they start now. They see a 20-5 August inbound, even if that's preposterous. 

- More later. A lot in the show. Follow here.