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Fellas,,Your Girl Is Out Of Town All Week And This Juicy Whole Hog Comes Rolling Through. What Do You Do?

Got dayum that thing is juicy. 

And I'll tell you what. That there is the sign of a perfectly cooked hog. It is so easy to end up overcooking the ham. There's very little to no fat at all back there. The hog ass is all muscle. There's an aggressively small window you need to hit to get the ham perfectly cooked to where it's cooked to a proper internal temperature, but still nice and tender. Especially when you're cooking the entire hog, since everything is cooking at a different rate. You need to get the ham done at the same time as the shoulder, the belly, the ribs, and you also want to get that delicious crisp on the skin. Cooking a whole hog is an art. And when you get the ass to jiggle like this?


That, my friends, is a masterpiece. 10/10 would eat. 

Also really makes me want to cook another hog. Might need to mess around with one of those soon because this was easily my favorite cook to date.