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LEAVE LIVVY ALONE! The LSU Star Can't Even Attend Class Anymore Because Weirdos Have Made Her Fear For Her Safety

NYPost - The 20-year-old star LSU gymnast — who is currently the NCAA’s highest-paid female athlete, earning seven figures — told Elle magazine that she no longer attends classes in person for “safety reasons.”

“There were some scares in the past, and I just want to be as careful as possible,” Dunne said in the profile piece, which was published on Tuesday. “I don’t want people to know my daily schedule and where I am.”

Dunne — who has 11.9 million followers on TikTok and Instagram combined — is aware she has more eyes on her, and explained that she is careful while walking around the Baton Rouge campus, where fellow students often approach her for photos.

Safety concerns have been at the forefront for Dunne as she continues to navigate social media stardom and being a leader of the NIL era.

In a separate interview in January, Dunne told “Today” that her massive social media following has generated threatening comments, adding that “it is a bit concerning.”

That came just two weeks after Dunne made headlines when a massive crowd of screaming male fans showed up at the Tigers’ season opener against Utah in Salt Lake City.

Alright you fucking weirdos, give it a rest. You know back in my day we admired gorgeous famous women from a comfy chair that has mysterious crusty stains in the computer room at home. We kept things online and didn't feel the need to intrude into every celebrity's life. Things moved slower. You had to wait a half hour to see some quality cleavage download from Limewire.

But these days everyone everyone wants too much. The world moves too fast. And you know society is whacked out when even the queen of the internet can't attend classes she will never need and pretend to care about them in peace.

At a certain point a person's celebrity gets so huge that people just don't let you live like a real human. I'm always torn on that front because most people placed themselves in that spot. They tried to become famous and that's part of the price you pay. But for someone like Livvy, who is just 20 years old, it feels kind of gross and weird. Which are also probably two perfect words to describe the kind of people who are making it dangerous for her to attend class. 

A quick jaunt through her DMs would probably be like a Blumhouse Productions brainstorm session. Just tons of weirdos, rejects, and potential serial killers begging for feet pics and follow backs. Now imagine those same people bombarding her every day as she is trying to make it to pottery or whatever bullshit class she is still taking to remain eligible in gymnastics. That's terrifying. 

She makes a shit ton of money off NIL (reportedly seven figures) so I'm hoping she is spending a nice chunk of that on security. You can never be too careful in this twisted world we live in. And I hope for the sake of her education that pottery class allows her to participate online.

Now a lesser blogger would crowbar in some Livvy Dunne smut just to make the numbies on this here blog dance. But I'm not a lesser blogger. No, I am going to shoehorn in some Livvy Dunne smut so that we continue to raise our queen high into the sky. We can't let those scumbags who don't understand the concept of personal space win. Livvy must reign over her online kingdom.

It's pretty simple: Don't be a weirdo and LEAVE LIVVY ALONE!