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Two WNBA Teammates Got Engaged And That May Be The Best Life Ever

Alyssa Thomas and DeWanna Bonner are two star players for the Connecticut Sun in the WNBA. I actually went to see them play a few weeks ago and they beat the brakes off of the Seattle Storm (they were up 29-6 after the 1st Quarter). I came away from that game very impressed with Thomas' game. It was full of Eurosteps and very crafty finishes around the bucket. As a hooper myself, I can tell that her game is very refined. Bonner is more of forward who can both shoot and rebound while stretching the floor. They make a pretty good duo on the court. 

I didn't really know anything about these two aside from the research I did for a WNBA Prop for the game and what I saw on the court that night and then this came across my feed over the weekend: The two were not only dating, but engaged! Congratulations you two! Very cool! 

But then I got to thinking - do they have maybe the best life in the world? I realize a soccer player just got a 1-year, nearly a billion dollar deal to play in Saudi Arabia. Being an NFL or NBA owner seems awesome. Drake has a lot going on for himself. But being rich on money alone can only make you so happy. These two are living their dreams with their ideal job, playing professional basketball, and they are doing it with the love of their life! How cool is that?! The Sun are also a very good team, 3rd best in the league and 2nd in the Eastern Conference at 17-6, just a 1/2 game back of the New York Liberty. 

Again, I know very little about these two, but in my mind I'm picturing:

Wake up next your best friend

Go to shootaround and play basketball in a more relaxed, practice setting with your fiance, who is awesome at basketball and her game completely compliments your game. Not only that, but all your best friends are there hooping with you with one common goal.

Get food and travel paid for (I'm assuming is covered by the team).

Be under the bright lights and play in big games that you'll remember forever with your fiance and best friends while pursuing a championship. The team basically performs at your guys' level, which is very good.

Get to sneak off and get some alone time on the company's dime that is paying for your hotels around the country.

You also get a 4-5 month off-season which is right in the heart of NBA/NFL season where you can just veg out for a good amount of time while also training for the upcoming season.

I realize that WNBA players aren't signing Jaylen Brown type deals where they'll be rich beyond their wildest dreams, but as far as rich in experiences, I think this may top the list. Congratulations to Alyssa and DeWanna on their engagement!