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The Robots Are Here: Netflix Just Posted A $900k/Year Job For An AI Product Manager While Their Average Actor Makes Less Than $26,000

I don't know much about this industry, but supply and demand dynamics seem to indicate to me it's probably harder to find an AI product manager than a decent actor. This is just another move by Netflix to tell the writer's on strike that they truly do not give a fuck, and will continue not to, and that life will inevitably go on without them if they so choose. They already said they were okay with this going on even to the point of the people losing their homes. It's sort of like the whole NFL running back dynamic where it's next man up mentality. There's definitely enough money to go around, but it's about priority, and that sadly is that of the robots. They're pissing on the legs of everyone on strike and calling it rain. And before you comment about me, yes Karim the AI blogger has already applied. I'm not above leaving for a $900k/year paycheck and I will bring my best robot stuff with me.

This job listing isn't the end-all be all to the strike either. There's around 160,000 listed members of the writer's guild, so let's distribute that $900k a year and we're looking at a whopping $6 per member. It's gonna take a lot more cheese to feed those plates. But, if there's one thing they should be, it's worried judging by the job description:

The Machine Learning Platform (MLP) provides the foundation for all of this innovation. It offers ML/AI practitioners across Netflix the means to achieve the highest possible impact with their work by making it easy to develop, deploy and improve their machine-learning models. 

We are creating a new Product Management role to increase the leverage of our Machine Learning Platform.

“Artificial Intelligence is powering innovation in all areas of the business,” including by helping them to “create great content.”

I wish them the best luck on the war against robots.