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Skittles Is Making A Limited Edition Mustard Flavor, Which Might Be Crazy Enough To Be Delicious

I've said this before and I'll say it again--it's time for mustard to finally come out of ketchup's shadow. 

For centuries now it has always been "ketchup and mustard". Go to any ordinary eatery in America and you'll find 3 things on the table. You'll have your salt, you'll have your pepper, and you'll have your ketchup. Very rarely are you going to find mustard on the table. And I get it. Ketchup is a people pleaser. Any child or uncultured adult loves the shit out of ketchup. Ketchup has a high floor, but mustard's ceiling is so much higher. Honey mustard, whole grain, dijon. Each variety is better and more delicious than the next. 

But again, ketchup just steals the show because it appeals to all the people in the middle. Like how "Big Bang Theory" has been able to stay on television for so long. But if there's one way to capture America's heart (and its cholesterol), it's through candy. 


While the initial reaction for most people here is likely "who the actual frick asked for mustard flavored Skittles", I think we might actually have something to work with here. They'll be sweet, sure, but they'll also have a little spice and tang to them. Also, you could get nuts and make a little party mix with mustard Skittles in a bowl with some hard pretzels. A match made in heaven. 

All I'm saying here is don't knock it until you try it. Maybe this is what it'll take to help America evolve into more of a mustard nation than a ketchup one. That's when we'll truly be great again.