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Ladies and gentlemen, we fucking made it! This is the last week of the year without football. I've been fiending like a junkie on the street for 5 months, and now we're just a week away. So, to help with the itch, I picked 5 of the best endings from the 2022 NFL season to hold us over.

5. Cardinals @ Raider | Cardinals 29 Raiders 23


As someone who had money on the Cardinals, this game was fucking insane. I thought I was dead in the water, counted it as a loss, and if it wasn't the last 4:00 game on, I probably would have stopped watching. Thank God I didn't. The 2-Point conversion alone is insane; this is some shit that would happen to you in Madden, leading you to breaking your remote or TV. If you're a Raiders fan and attended this game, I feel bad for you. Not only did you get bent over, but you also got a nice kick in the dick on the scoop and score loss in overtime.

4. Ravens @ Bengals | Ravens 17 Bengals 24

Imagine going into Cincinnati with Snoop fucking Huntley, with an opportunity to win a PLAYOFF game, and your QB thinks he's Michael Jordan when he's really JaVale McGee. But who am I to talk shit? My team hasn't won a playoff game in 23 years…

3. Dolphins @ Ravens | Dolphins 42 Ravens 38

You already know I had to get my Dolphins in this bitch. I stopped watching porn and just started watching this every night, and I still do. This was one of the craziest games I've seen in my entire life. We went from looking like a Special Olympics flag football team to the greatest show on turf in one and a half quarters of football. I remember I tried waterboarding myself at halftime so I didn't have to watch the rest of the game. Thank God I didn't have enough water…


2. Patriots @ Raiders | Patriots 24 Raiders 30



1. Vikings @ Bills | Vikings 33 Bills 30

6'5", 240 LBS Superstar QB Josh Allen fumbles the ball on the 1-yard line and loses his team the game. You can't make that shit up if you wanted to. It gets me every time! The Bills could run that same play 100 times, and it would probably never happen again, but it did! And it cashed my tickets! Thanks, Josh!!!

Hope this fixed your itch for the day! 

9 more days ladies and gentlemen, 9 more days….