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Jim Harbaugh Negotiated The Best Suspension Of All-Time From The NCAA

Yahoo — Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and the NCAA are working toward a negotiated resolution that is expected to see him suspended four games this season in penalties stemming from alleged false statements he originally made to investigators, sources tell Yahoo Sports.

The agreement is an initial version of the negotiated resolution and is not yet finalized. The resolution must now be approved by the NCAA Committee on Infractions, which could take several days if not weeks. The committee has authority to adjust penalties.

Harbaugh’s impending suspension is centered on an NCAA investigation into recruiting violations committed by he and Wolverines staff members. The NCAA enforcement staff alleged that Harbaugh was dishonest about the recruiting violations in his initial meeting with investigators. A quick resolution broke down in January after Harbaugh refused to admit that he lied to NCAA staff. The 59-year-old coach has maintained he didn’t recall the events when first speaking with investigators but that he was never purposefully dishonest.

This is an absolute masterclass from Jim Harbaugh. The Michigan coach apparently negotiated with the NCAA over his own suspension and it seems like it will end up at four games. And one-third of the season may sound like a pretty steep punishment until you take a peek at the Wolverines' schedule.


Four home games against East Carolina, UNLV, Bowling Green and Rutgers. I didn't even know teams could make it to Week 5 without playing either a road game or a team with a pulse, but Michigan found a way to do it.

Harbaugh probably had to keep himself from laughing in those meetings when the NCAA agreed to this. Fleece of the century.

I sure hope Michigan is able to stay in these games without its head coach on the sideline. Maybe Year 4 for Greg Schiano is when Rutgers will field a real college football team.