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The Brewers Tried Trolling Elly De La Cruz On The Scoreboard As He Launched A Home Run Completely Out Of The Stadium

This is amazing. I can't even remember the last time I saw justice this poetic.

In the first inning of the Reds' game against the Brewers on Monday, Elly De La Cruz hit a ball that seemed bound to be a lead-off home run before Milwaukee center fielder Joey Wiemer made an outstanding catch to rob him.


So when Elly came up again in the third inning, the Brewers scoreboard had a note that read, "Almost hit a home run in the first inning ... but didn't." And that's cute, I guess. A little chuckle for the fans.

Well Elly didn't like that too much I guess, so he decided he was going to hit this one clear out of the stadium to make sure nobody could catch it.

This kid is electric. I've honestly been a bit of an EDLC truther through the first 41 games of his career honestly — he has a 102 wRC+ — but there is no denying he has the potential to be one of the best players in the game when he's on. He's certainly not a guy I would taunt on the scoreboard.

And to make it that much better, Elly's homer somehow ended up higher at its apex than the note on the scoreboard. Beautiful stuff.