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There Is A Pyramid-Like Structure Poking It's Head Out In Antarctica

Alright...I have been sent this tweet/picture probably like 100 times in the past couple of days. I get it. I am OBSESSED with the ancient pyramids around the world and have a quasi-curiosity about what is under the ice in Antarctica. 

A thought I have all the time. 7 years apart. One at night. One in the morning. I gotta know...what the fuck is under that ice. It was green 56 million years ago. It was a rainforest 90 million years ago. Perfectly preserved under ice as thick as 9 sears towers. Literally anything could be down there because it is probably studied less than Mars at this point. The official scientific record says it wasn't discovered until 1820, but it pops up on ancient maps like the Peri Reis map in which was made in 1513. Reis said he got it from "older source material". What the fuck does that mean? Antarctica is the biggest mystery left on planet Earth and while I don't think this pyramid is anything other than a very oddly eroded mountain's pretty fucking weird and we should be shooting lidar or x-rays or whatever can to get images of what is under the ice and then maybe drill down there too like Bruce Willis did in Armageddon. Or maybe its a power station like the one in Egypt. I don't know