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Katie Ledecky Is So Dominant That She Just Won Her 15th World Title And Nobody Else Was Even In The TV Shot

This woman is so dominant that she can't even be compared to other humans. She's Secretariat of swimming. I would be lying if I said I gave a fuck about the the swimming world championships. I didn't even know they were happening or that they were a thing until I was scrolling through twitter, sorry, X, this morning and saw that clip. It boggles your mind. Even Michael Phelps had some photo finishes. He certainly wasn't lapping the competition. Ledecky could dry off, do the press conference, and have a ham sandwich before the rest of the field finished the race. It's absurd. 

I promise not to talk about swimming again until the next Olympics and maybe not even then. This struck me though. Arguably the most dominant athlete ever considering how much she is winning and the margin. She deserves some shine.