Former Sorority Girl Nicknamed 'The Queen of Chaos' Who Went Viral For Her 11 Mugshots Has Apparently Turned To God And Is Good As New

Meet Rayanna Brock, more commonly known as the Queen of Chaos. Let me say that again. Her nickname is the QUEEN OF CHAOS. She's basically college girl meets 2020-2022 Ezra Miller and her array of mugshots have captivated the internet. 

Now typically when you get arrested in college it's a low point in your life. A number of questions race through your mind all at once. Am I fucked out of graduation? Are my parents going to pull me out of school? How am I going to pay for this? Who the hell is ever going to hire me? Life feels like it's slipping away from you. Well, Rayanna used those moments as achievements like you're playing MLB the Show trying to unlock new players. Just another notch on the ol' belt. In her mind she hears Mike Breen screaming "BANG" every time the jail photographer snaps off another mugshot. 

Don't be disarmed by her inviting smile because the Queen of Chaos means business. By that I mean she's gone to the slammer for anything ranging from stalking, contempt of court, shoplifting, stealing a car, stealing firearms, evading police, to terroristic threatening. Yes, I said TERRORISTIC THREATENING. This woman went to college at Eastern Kentucky and decided to treat it like Grand Theft Auto.  


Here's my takeaway —this girl just STINKS at crime. Unless she really loves the picture aspect of this, getting arrested 11 times in 5 or so years is hard to do. I'm not even asking her to be a better person, I just want to see her adapt to the game. Like watching a heralded rookie in a sport get humbled, but by the end of the year they start to really show signs of life. Was it all for the picture? If they didn't do mugshots in jail is she just a model citizen? 

Well, good news for society, Rayanna appears to have traded in those mugshots for God. I'm sure he's thrilled. This is from a post last month about a friend helping her out. In the words of Liam Neeson, "good luck." 

'We are both sober now and doing so good and I just have to thank the Lord for that cause only God knows what we’ve both been through but we never let it break us!'

Ah she's seen the light! Classic. I'm sure she'll be as good as new down her new path. Nothing to worry about. Maybe God is giving her a few pointers on how to not get caught. Seems to be working. 

If she's not on Only Fans in two years time then I'll raise my hand and admit my misjudgment.