The "What's A Catch" Debate Has Now Made Its Way To The MLB Thanks To Phillies Manager Rob Thomson Flat Out Refusing To Challenge This Play

Maybe Rob Thomson has a niece's birthday party to get to tonight or something. There has to be a reason why this man is trying to rush out of the stadium tonight and couldn't bother to waste the 37 seconds it would take to review this play and see that Aaron Hicks clearly didn't catch this ball. 


In the NFL you need to control the ball, get 2 feet inbounds, make a football move, call your grandma, and file your taxes in order to complete a catch. In the MLB, it looks like the ball just needs to smack your glove for a quick second. As long as you tried to catch it, that's good enough. Who gives a rats ass about maintaining possession? It's the thought that counts. 

Fortunately for all involved, Rob Thomson was asleep behind the wheel and simply refused to use a challenge there. Couldn't possibly be bothered with silly little technological advancements in the game to be able to pull up a thousand different angles of that non-catch on replay within 30 seconds of it occurring.

Only way to make up for that brutal missed challenge is to buy a shit ton of shirts in spite of Rob Thomson. Buy now, and buy often. That'll show him!