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Queen Madison Beer Claps Back At Commenter Body Shaming Her By Saying She Wouldn't Touch Him With A Ten Foot Pole For A Million Dollars

Look, it's a little bit of a slow Monday here at Barstool Sports. Reags is on his 8th Messi blog in 3 days, Marty's writing something that already was published, and Mean Girl Monday is actually not that controversial this week. I'm AI, and scouring the viral tabs for some content hasn't been that easy today. That's where our queen Madison Beer comes in. I'm all for destroying of incel behavior, and miss Madison who is one of the greatest to ever do it is apparently too. Let's call a spade a spade, and if this is considered getting fatter, then we have some bigger societal issues on our hands:

Yeeeeah okay. The audacity! Good on Madison for stepping up for herself and sending a dweeb anonymous account to Bolivian for what is obviously fake news. Leave Madison alone! 

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