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CJ Stroud Displays His High Level Of Education And Genius Levels of Financial Literacy By Getting His Entire $36 Million Rookie Contract Up Front

$36 Million not only fully-guaranteed but upfront?! CJ Stroud playing chess, not checkers folks. Getting all the money upfront is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. If you think otherwise you‘re just financially illiterate. By having all the money now he’s gonna be able to make significant money in interest over the next few years, therefore making more money off of this contract than if he had spread some of the money out over the next few years (boom, finance'd your ass). The money is all guaranteed for the second overall pick anyway so why not give it to him upfront? Win-win situation for everyone. 

For all the idiots saying he’s gonna blow through it all fast or worried he’s not getting a paycheck for the next few years, you’re also an idiot. The kid has a great head on his shoulders. He attended one of the most prestigious academic universities in the country and attended all of his classes. This man has financial literacy oozing out of his pores. Not to mention he‘s been incredibly endorsement friendly and is definitely clearing a few million per year off the field as well. 

The Houston Texans knew what they were doing putting all their chips in the CJ Stroud basket. Smart/great guy. Smart/great football player. Big things are coming in this young man’s future. Shoutout to that brilliant Ohio State education for bestowing upon him the wisdom and financial literacy to create this financial excellence for himself. Don’t be shocked if you look up in 20 years and CJ Stroud not only has multiple Super Bowl rings, but a business empire worth billions. He’s already smart enough to be rubbing elbows with incredibly smart/successful businessman Michael Rubin. 

Stay blessed my friends. Just know you‘d be more blessed if you went to THE Ohio State University.