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Cam Newton Gets Chirped At By A Fan Who Says They Have The Same Amount Of Rings In What Is An Extremely Cringy Video


I'm at a crossroads with this video surfacing today of Cam Newton in an argument with a fan. On one hand, it's embarrassing for athletes to let a little twirp get on their nerves with a simple chirp like "we have the same amount of rings". Especially one as decorated as Cam Newton, who is now 34 and arguing with what looks like a 16 year old kid. On the other hand, it's perfectly valid to clown on someone who is paying to watch you play and decides to take matters into their own hands. Ring culture is mental illness and it's proven with a guy who has won a Heisman, 2 national championships, Maxwell POTY, SEC POTY, an NFL MVP, and had a SB appearance. The judges scorecards are in, and it's point Cam on this one. I coulda done without the little dance move at the end though.

"You're too famous to be acting like that" is a crazy response from a dude who just dissed the fuck out of you for no apparent reason. Taking the high road after it's too late is a victim move indeed. I don't know why people keep trying Cam at training camps, because it hasn't ended well any other time:

Cam Newton vs teenagers. A tale as old as time.