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Seeing A Concert At The New Las Vegas Sphere Is Going To Be The Trippiest Experience Known To Man


Most people know of the Las Vegas Sphere by now. If you haven't seen it, basically it's this huge orb they built on the strip in Vegas that is 100% LED screens on the outside, which has been taking Vegas/social media by storm, especially the eyeball...




But what I'm not sure everyone realizes is this sphere is also an 18,000 capacity concert venue, whose inside is ALSO all LED screens...meaning when it finally opens and has shows, it's going to be an absolute mindfuck to the likes we've never experienced before.




And they are also touting it as having the best sound system known to mankind.



Seeing a concert here is going to be a next-level experience. They are hoping to have 4-6 residencies per year, obviously because each performer will need to have a specialized light/video show to use exclusively at the Sphere. The shows are going to be so intense and so visualizing stunning that people are going to have fucking seizures in this thing. Imagine 18,000 Phish fans in there? Madness.


The first residency is U2, who are playing 25 shows starting in late September. I'm not a big U2 guy so I'm not chomping at the bit to get out there, but if there's a band I even sorta enjoy, I will pay whatever it takes to experience a show there. I have a strong feeling people won't even be able to shit on the Sphere, that it will meet and exceed expectations and change the way we see concerts moving forward.