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James Harden Was Loading Up On Hamburgers Over The Weekend In Miami As His "Uncomfortable Era" Begins

Move over Jimmy Buckets because Jimmy Burgers has taken his talents to South Beach! I know James Harden said it was time to get uncomfortable in his latest cryptic Instagram post, but nobody knew what the hell it meant. Well based on that TikTok, I guess it means going to concerts in Miami and loading up on burgers? I always assumed that is something Comfortable James Harden would often do during the offseason, yet here we are.

Now before anyone criticizes Harden for loading up on Trill Burgers, which I assume are incredible based strictly on name alone, I would like to remind you that a patty of ground beef wedged between two buns with the requisite toppings is what SI once reported were the prize Harden's coach Scott Pera used to helped turn his game into essentially a cheat code that would allow him to win scoring titles and an MVP.

To turn Harden from a sniper into a driver, Pera put him through daily X-out drills, in which Harden had to convert eight straight layups while Pera punished him with an arm pad. They made a standing bet: If Harden shot more than six free throws in a game, Pera owed him a hamburger; if Harden shot fewer than six, he owed Pera sprints. Harden discovered ways to contort his limbs through and around defenders, collecting whistles and patties.

So I suppose there is a chance that Harden is looking to get back to the basics once it became clear he wasn't going to get the big deal he was hoping for in free agency. Or maybe just maybe Harden had some buddies at the show with him and he was simply giving the burgers to his pals instead of eating any of them himself. Harden has always been almost as prolific at dishing assists as he was about getting his own points considering he's led the league in assists twice (including last year), so maybe this is the season where he goes nuclear and breaks all sorts of assist records. Besides the only thing that'll make you more uncomfortable than eating four burgers in the heat and humidity of Miami during July is watching your boys eat burgers that could've been all yours.

If Daryl Morey is the brilliant supernerd we are all led to believe, he will see this video as proof Harden is ready to take the next step as a distributor since he was handing out burgers while his MVP teammate was exchanging vows and keep Harden on the Sixers all season.