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Irina Shayk is Spotted Doing the Stride of Pride Out of Tom Brady's House After Pulling an All-Nighter

Despite the speculation he might be unretiring yet again, Tom Brady faces his first summer without a football camp to report to since he was probably in grade school. And even though his insanely lucrative deal at Fox doesn't start until next year, by no means has he taken the summer off. He may be technically between jobs at the moment. But there's been no quiet quitting when it comes to his personal life. One does not simply stop being the GOAT that easily. 

About five weeks ago, we were treated to reports that he was once again casting his net into the abundant waters of Lake Supermodel. And that he had pulled in the prize catch that is Irina Shayk. Which is to say, she apparently caught him at a celebrity wedding in Italy, since eyewitnesses used phrases like she "made a beeline" for him "threw herself" at him. Which she promptly denied:


But what will be impossible to deny is this latest update:

Source - Brady, who turns 46 in August, was seen picking up the 37-year-old Russian model from the Hotel Bel-Air on the evening of July 21, when she appeared to spend the night at his Los Angeles home.

The pair did not emerge from Brady’s house until 9:30 the following morning.

Shayk was also pictured in the same outfit while getting dropped off by Brady the next morning.

Other photos show the pair walking together and laughing and smiling while Brady was behind the wheel of a grey Rolls Royce — where he was spotted caressing Shayk’s face.

Ah, Brady. You sly dog. You smooth operator. You honeydripper. Still playing a game meant for much younger men and doing it at a level few guys half your age could ever dream of achieving. I mean, who else among the male species could rebound with a model super enough to have dated Bradley Cooper at the height of his Oscar-nominated powers and Cristiano Ronaldo?

And let's not waste anyone's time with denials, shall we? This has all the earmarks of your classic Walk of Shame/Stride of Pride. The same clothes you had on the night before. The lack of makeup. Brady's sporting the bed head, the tired but happy eyes, and the ear-to-ear grin of a man fresh off a conquest. The touch of the cheek that says, "Thanks for a great night. Talk to you soon." He hasn't looked so accomplished and satisfied since the Super Bowl parade in Tampa two years ago. It's the look of a man who knows he's still got it. Who's still on that mountaintop, looking down at creation. The envy of all he surveys. 

Now granted, this relationship flies in the face of reports from Brady insiders claiming he's out of the business of dating models:


But as any of us who struggle with our impulses can confirm, some habits are hard to break. Some of us drink. Some enjoy tobacco or cannabis. For others it's junk food. Brady has an addiction to lying down with international supermodels who enjoy the company of the world's most famous and popular men. There are worse things. If it's going to continue with Shayk, more power to them. If not, I'm going to suggest he invest in some Derek Jeter-like gift baskets. This is going to be an expensive habit.