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A Saudi Arabian Club Has Officially Offered Mbappe The Most Outrageous, Fake Sounding Contract Ever - $775 MILLION For One Year

I could probably just write HAHA roughly 5,000 times and call it a blog, because that's how outrageous this number is. I know it's Saudi Arabia and money apparently is as real as human rights there, but come on. $775 million for one year of work? Hell you could retire and have enough money for your future generations after like a month. A simply made up number, I refuse to believe any type of oil money can pay one single human $775 million for a year. It just doesn't make sense in my head. 

Remember, Al-Hilal is the same club that tried to get Messi for a billion bones or whatever it officially ended up being. Now they go to Mbappe and say hey come here for a year and then you can go to Real Madrid no questions asked. I'd advise having multiple lawyers look at that writing, because there's no doubt something in the fine print. You don't just let someone like Mbappe leave for Real Madrid with something in the fine print. 

Obviously PSG wants to accept the transfer. A smooth 300 million to let Mbappe leave for Saudi Arabia when he's going to leave for Real Madrid anyways. Now you just gotta convince him that $775 of blood money is worth it. Again, I don't know how you say no to that much money. Yeah, Mbappe is going to get whatever he wants. Yeah, he's rich as shit. Yeah, he's whatever you want to say. But do you know what you can do with $775 million? I'd buy the shit out of a sports team - a real one too. 

We know PSG already removed Mbappe from the lineup and basically out of the team. So why not go collect this amount? It'd be the first real move this league has made. The top guy in the world joining you even for a year would at least get you on the CW channel. Might be able to watch a match or two.