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ATHLETE: Tom Kim Suffered A 'Grade-1 Tear In His Ankle' After Stepping Off His Patio On Thursday Night, Puts Up A Massive Final Round

Tom Kim is a star. The dude has the personality that golf needs, one hell of a game and is going to be around for a long time. Now, he's shining in the final round of The Open. He just missed a birdie putt that would have cut the lead to 3 and put him in solo 2nd. Some may say it's adrenaline, his game, what have you. But it's clear it's because he activated the rally cap: 


Yeah, yeah, the rain, whatever. Rally caps work. That's just a stone cold fact. In fact I'd love to see Kim embrace this and go backwards hat every event. Really piss off the golf purists of the world. Why not? It's a good look! Plus it's working. Like I said, he shot a -4 today. Not bad for a final round on this course. Not bad when he's chasing Brian Harman and that lead he had. 

Back to that injury. Yeah, that checks out. You ever take a wrong step and twist an ankle? You consider never walking again. Tom Kim just goes out and competes in The Open. That's why golfers are athletes. Love his attitude too. Oh you're hurt? Big deal, pal: 

Who knows, maybe Harman runs away with it, maybe we get a van de Velde. All I know is this year, Tom Kim has dominated the majors for weird reasons: 


Everyone be aware of patios from here on out. They'll get you and we're not all like Tom Kim. 

PS: The coolest loosing people wearing a backwards hat:

1. Griffey Jr.

big gap

2. Tom Kim

bigger gap

3. The D player in your 4-man scramble who is there just for good vibes.