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AMERICA: The Cubs Have Their Hot Dog Vendors Give Their Signature Call For A TikTok And They're Absolutely Hilarious

Six new ringtones just dropped! I love the last guy Antonio. Hot dog vending for him isn't an option, it's life or death. This whole thing felt like a I Think You Should Leave skit but how can you not cast Antonio for the next season? You can't convince me he's not a Tim Robinson character already. I'm competing with Joey Chestnut if Antonio comes down my aisle at Wrigley 45 times because there's zero chance I don't buy every single time. Antonio probably has been doing this for like 4 decades now, and he's gotta be the guy that you used to hear on those old WGN broadcasts in the good ole days. Whatever they're paying him is simply not enough.

Hot dog vending is an underrated art of this country. They could make an appointment-viewing series out of following around hot dog vendors in MLB ballparks. I was at a Phillies game one year and there was the hot dog spinner who would balance the container on his head and yell "don't be a meanie, buy a spinnin weenie" for the entire game. I was hoping I could find a video on YouTube, but Phillies social media manager if you're reading this, go find that man. I'd even let that fella Gary sell me a few hot dogs with his "who's hungry now" call to action. Sometimes you need a little push, and Gary is going to do just that for you. 

I'm off to go look at some Mets or Yankees tickets, because I need a hot dog stat after watching this video. In the meantime, I'm going to practice my call and probably watch Antonio's work of art on repeat for the next few hours. Baseball!