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Goodbye Blue Bird: Elon Announces Twitter Is Rebranding To "X" As Soon As Today

Just another example of Elon being a madman. They say tradition is meant to be preserved, but not to Elon sitting at home on a Saturday night. I wanted to search more news about this on the app, except if you search just "X" it breaks the function and pops up with a bunch of random tweets that make no sense. 

We're at the point where it's just a battle to see how far Elon can take this being his edgy troll site before people leave the app. I think the answer to that is ultimately never, simply because everyone's addicted, and will certainly be scrolling through X at concerning rates. There's an obvious comparison here to when Elon tried to make an online banking service called X and so many people thought it was a porn site that he rebranded it which eventually became PayPal. Is a tweet going to be called a divorce now?

He tweeted this video of some preview of the brand, which just looks like Capcom teasing a new Megaman X game but instead it's for one of the biggest brands in Internet history:

HBO Max rebranding to Max is the most recent fuckup I've seen of something that makes zero sense. But rebranding one of the most valuable and recognizable logos just so you can utilize your single letter domain name you bought in the ancient ages is certainly a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for him!

Elon is bound to do more and more that pisses everyone off, and because of that I will be remaining on the app with boots on the ground ready to report whatever nonsense comes next. Enjoy the ride.